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Emergency AM/FM/WB/NOAA Radio - Solar & Hand Crank Charging with Flashlight and USB Battery Bank

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This Multi-function Emergency Radio is a great addition to your weekend camping gear or part of your household emergency kit. It provides you with multiple valuable functions to assist you in an emergency. This includes a radio that receives AM/FM radio stations as well as NOAA weather channels, an LED spot flashlight, a LED flood reading light, a loud SOS alarm beacon, and a USB battery bank.

Because you never know when or for how long you might be without power, the unit packs a powerful internal battery that not only powers the unit, but also provides 10,000mAH of changing capacity through its Standard USB (Type A) port so you can quickly recharge your cell phone, laptop, or other electronic devices.  The internal battery can be recharged using the integrated solar panel during daylight hours, or with the hand crank dynamo during low light or nighttime hours. If available, the battery can also be charged by plugging the attached Micro USB (Type C) cable into a standard USB wall outlet adapter.

The radio features a simple round knob design that will easily tune in AM/FM stations as well as NOAA Weather broadcasts so you can keep track of severe weather information. The extendable antenna provides extended reception and neatly tucks back inside the body for protection when not in use.

  • 10,000MAH BATTERY BANK – The internal power bank is capable of supporting long-time radio operation. If you are outdoors or experiencing a power outage, the power bank will keep your electronic devices charged in case of an emergency
  • RENEWABLE CHARGING – The hand crank “dynamo” and solar panel are both capable of regenerating enough power to keep the radio, lights, and SOS alarm ready to go when you need them most. 
  • MULTI-BAND RADIO – Dependably receives NOAA channels for local weather information and emergency hazard alerts. The AM/FM function provides full access to local AM/FM radio broadcasts.
  • MULTIPLE LIGHT SOURCES - The powerful LED flashlight and reading light functions help you safely see when things get dark.
  • SOS ALARM  –  In an emergency situation, the SOS function will allow you to call for help by making a loud siren sound along with bright red flashing lights

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Technical Specs:

  • Weight:  18 oz.
  • Dimensions:
  • Radio Bands: AM/FM/WB
  • Battery Capacity: 10,000MAH
  • Charging Ports: USB (Type A) & Micro USB (Type C)
  • Color: Orange/Grey
  • Package Contents: (1) Solar/Crank Radio, (1) Type C Micro USB Charging Cable (18" long), (1) Wrist Lanyard, (1) User Manual.
  • Part Number: CB-202057



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