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CampFoil­­™ for Hiking, Camping, Prepping - 18" x 18" HD Aluminum Foil - 5 Pack

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It may sound goofy, but aluminum foil can be a great item to keep in your gear bag.  There are dozens of potential uses for this material...Make a windscreen for lighting a fire, make a temporary cup to drink from or small bowl to boil water, cook fish/food on it.... just use your imagination.  Sure, you can buy a roll and cut these up yourself, but what a hassle! We take large 18" x 18" squares of HD aluminum foil and neatly fold them into 4" x 6" flats. We then package 5 of them in a reclose-able poly bag that will pack neatly in your backpack or gear bag. We wanted this to be durable, so we've utilized thick commercial grade Reynolds "624" Heavy Duty foil that is manufactured in the good ol' USA.

 Technical Specs: 

Sheet Size (each): 18" x 18"

Package Dimensions: 4" x 8" x .38"

Weight (package): 2.5 oz

Package Contents: 5 folded CampFoil sheets

Part Number: CB-202055


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