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Skógr™ Nordic Style Kuksa - Carved Wood Camp Mug - Choice of Sizes

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Our "Skógr" carved wooden Kuksa strikes the perfect balance between Nordic tradition and modern lifestyle and was inspired by our true passion for adventure. These wooden mugs are crafted from a solid piece of hardwood and have a large, flat bottom for good stability. The exterior features an uneven "rough hewn" or "chiseled" texture that gives it a very traditional look. The large, easy-to-grip handle features two finger holes, and there is also a short lanyard so you can hang it on your pack for travel or on a hook for storage.  We offer the "Skógr" in two sizes to fit a variety of hand sizes and needs. All of our Kuksas also include a heavy cotton canvas drawstring bag to keep it clean and protected on your journeys.

The word kuksa ("guksi" in Finnish, "kasa" in Swedish) actually translates as wooden cup which, originates from the Nordic Sami people who lived and worked as nomads in the area around the Arctic circle. The guksi was an important part of their everyday living and outdoor lifestyle.

The wood used for these cups is a natural hardwood from the South American Pará rubber tree which is a fully sustainable material. The trees are grown for their sap, and once they stop producing, they are then harvested for their solid wood to be used for furniture and items like this kuksa so that nothing goes to waste.

  • ADVENTURE READY - There’s something special about drinking outdoors, from a wood mug. Perfect for camping, picnicking, or simply lounging around in your home or backyard.
  • HANDCRAFTED – Carved from a solid piece of 100% natural hardwood and are each artfully unique.
  • PRACTICAL - The durable, solid wood construction makes these great to take on the road, to a picnic, or camping so you don't have to worry about broken cups.
  • ORGANIC & ECO-FRIENDLY - Made of solid, fully sustainable hardwood which is totally organic and BPA free.

Care Instructions: Make sure to hand wash with warm water and dry before initial use.  To get the most out of your Kuksa, occasionally apply a light coat of food-grade oil to keep the wood from drying out and potentially cracking. Olive oil or Linseed oil works great. Avoid extreme temperatures, dishwashers or microwaves.  

NOTE: Due to the nature of carving and wood material, the shape, color, wood grain, etc. can vary slightly from the images.

We stand by all of our products with a no-hassle guarantee; if you're not satisfied for any reason we'll make it right. 

Technical Specs:

  • Weight :  (Small) 6.5oz | (Large)  8oz.
  • Dimensions: (Small) 2.5"H x 3.7"W x 6.2"L | (Large) 2.5"H x 4.2"W x 6.9"L
  • Capacity: (Small) 8oz - 260ml | (Large) 10oz -320ml
  • Material: Solid Wood
  • Texture: Rough Hewn
  • Package Contents: (1) Kuksa w/lanyard, (1) Cotton storage bag
  • Part Number: (Small) CB-202074 | (Large) CB-202075


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