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FireStorm™-Plus Complete Ferro Rod Fire Starter Kit

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The PyroStryke FireStorm-Plus Fire Starter kit includes:

  • (1) FireStorm-Plus Ferro Rod with Enhanced steel striker and braided paracord lanyard
  • (1) Tinder FireWick with Aluminum Hex Bellows to easily catch a spark and light your fire
  • (3) FireRope Tinder Logs - Easy to light, weatherproof fire starting tinder
  • (1) Custom Nylon Carrying Case with MOLLE compatible straps for easy attachment to your belt or pack

Our PyroStryke Emergency fire starter Kit contains everything you need to easily start a fire whether you're hiking, cooking at your campsite, or if you need to start a fire for heat in an emergency situation. 

The FireStorm-Plus Large 1/2" Ferro Rod uses a special ferrocerium blend that when struck with the enhanced steel striker, throws a shower of molten hot (up to 5500 degrees) shards on your tinder and guarantees to get fires started super fast, even in the worst weather conditions. To make sure things don't get lost, we've connected the rod and striker with a handy lanyard made of 4-feet of braided 550 paracord. 

The Tinder FireWick and FireRope Tinder both use a special paraffin-infused blend that quickly and easily lights to start a fire. The 14-inch long FireWick comes with an aluminum Hex tube measuring 3.75-inches long that doubles as a bellows to help accelerate the burn rate when starting a fire and to extinguish the flame on the FireWick once you lite your fire...simply push the Hex tube down the rope over the fire suffocating the flame, saving the wick for hundreds of more uses. 

The tools all tuck neatly into a high-quality weather-resistant carrying case. Made from heavy-duty 600D nylon, its zippered main compartment and outer Velcro flap sleeve pack all your fire tools into one convenient package. The back of the pouch has two two heavy duty nylon straps with snap fasteners that can be easily attached you a belt without having to take it off. The straps are MOLLE compatible so it can easily be attached to any other location or gear utilizing the PALS system. Whether you're a Bear Grylls wanna-be, a Boy Scout, or just an average person that likes to spend time in nature off the beaten path, fire-building is a bushcraft skill that you should be familiar with before hitting the trail. This survival fire starter kit makes a great go-time gear addition to the glove box of your car/truck or bugout bag survival kit.

We stand by all of our products with a no-hassle guarantee; if you're not satisfied for any reason we'll make it right. 

Technical Specs: 

  • Weight: 13.1 oz.
  • Dimensions : 7" H x 4-1/4" W x 2.5" D
  • Color Options: Tan, Green
  • Package Contents: (1) Ferro rod, (1) FireWick torch, (3) FireRope tinder, (1) Carry pouch
  • Part Number: CB-202016


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