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FireRope™ Mini - Firestarting Tinder - 5 pack

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  • LIGHTS EASILY - Ignite with a lighter, matches, PyroStryke Ferro Rod or a flint/steel.
  • WEATHERPROOF - Paraffin Wax Infused Jute lights and burns easily, even in the wettest and worst conditions
  • VERSATILE - Burn whole, split into four mini "torches", or break down into a flammable "birds nest"
  • LONG LASTING - Each rope section can provide up to 40 minutes of burn time
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Weight is only 1-ounce each and takes up less than 4-inches/square in your survival kit

Our FireRope tinder logs are comprised of thick stranded jute rope that has been heavily infused with a special blend of paraffin wax. These weatherproof tinder ropes work well in nearly any weather conditions and are very versatile. Each log is approximately 1-inch diameter x 4-inches long, and burned as a whole "log", shaved down for tinder, separated into four smaller logs or broken down even further and frayed into fine jute fibers making a flammable "birds nest" which will quickly & easily catch fire.

It can be easy to overlook, but even in the hot summer months, Hypothermia can become a very real danger due to extremely low night time temperatures, and in these conditions a camp fire can be an absolute necessity rather than a luxury. On top of this, if you're isolated for an extended period you will need to boil water for drinking and cook any food items that you can acquire. 

FireRope tinder logs are a must have addition for any serious survival kit for hikers, campers, hunters, fisherman or in a bug-out bag. Off-roaders should throw a couple in the glove box/dry box just in case. There inexpensive and small, so you should keep a box in your car, truck, UTV, ATV or snowmobile. In these uncertain times there's just no reason to not be prepared!

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