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Large FireRope™ Fire Starting Tinder - 1PK / 3PK / 6PK

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 Our PyroStryke FireRope™ tinder logs are comprised of thick stranded jute rope that has been heavily infused with a special blend of paraffin waxes. These weatherproof tinder ropes work well in nearly any weather condition and are very versatile. They can be burned as a whole "log", shaved down for tinder, separated into four smaller logs or broken down into fine jute fibers making a flammable "birds nest" which will quickly & easily catch fire.

FireRope™ tinder logs are a must have addition for any serious survival kit for hikers, campers, hunters, fisherman or in a bug-out bag. Off-roaders should throw a couple in the glove box/dry box just in case. They're inexpensive and small, so you should keep a few in your car, truck, UTV, ATV or snowmobile. In these uncertain times there's just no reason to not be prepared!

  • LIGHTS EASILY - Ignite with a lighter, matches, your favorite PyroStryke Ferro Rod or with a flint/steel
  • WEATHERPROOF - Contains a special blend of paraffin wax infused jute rope that lights and burns easily, even in the wettest and worst conditions
  • VERSATILE - Burn whole, split into four mini "torches", break down into a flammable "birds nest" or slice off a pile of fine shavings 
  • LONG LASTING - Each rope section can provide up to 60 minutes of burn time, can be stored for years with no expiration date 
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Weighs just over 1-ounce and takes up very little space in your survival kit

Each log is approximately 1-inch diameter x 6-inches long and come individually wrapped.

We stand by all of our products with a no-hassle guarantee; if you're not satisfied for any reason we'll make it right. 

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