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HexaLite™ Ferro Rod & Tinder FireWick Torch Combo Pack

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Our HexaLite Ferro Rod fire starter kit gives you over 50% more striking area than most competitor's fire rods. Like all of our fire starter rods, this X-large 1/2-inch diameter x 6-inch long unit uses our special "PyroStryke" blend of iron/cerrium alloy that when struck with our hard steel fire striker, throws a shower of molten hot (up to 5500 degrees) shards on your tinder and guarantees to get fires started super fast, even in the worst weather conditions. Other features includes 6-feet of braided 7-strand 550 paracord wrist lanyard providing a sure grip while striking the Ferro rod and can be used in emergency situations for hanging food out of reach of predators, building a shelter, making a spear, used as fishing line or other number of uses. The hard steel "half pipe" striker has an enhanced striking edge for maximum efficiency, and the sharp teeth at the end will easily & quickly chew wood into tinder. Conveniently there is also a built-in bottle opener for that end of the trail beverage.

Also included in the kit is a one of our Tinder FireWick torches, which is infused with a special paraffin blend for quickly starting a fire. The dual-purpose hex-shaped bellows can be used for extinguishing the flame by simply sliding it back over the tip of the wick and also as a bellows to blow oxygen on your tinder bundle to increase the rate of combustion when starting a fire.

This survival tool kit is a must-have for hiking, backpacking, hunting, camping and is ideal for your bug-out gear bag. Makes a perfect gift and is small enough to keep in the glove box of your vehicles, packs or even in a pants pocket.

  • EXTRA-LARGE 1/2-inch diameter Ferrocerium "Ferro" Rod provides up to 20,000 strikes of molten hot (up to 5500 degrees) shards of white hot alloy onto the tinder, quickly starting a fire
  • INCLUDES 6-FEET of braided 550 Paracord Lanyard for a sure grip and can be used in emergency situations. 
  • HALF-PIPE Black steel striker tool has a bottle opener and very sharp aggressive teeth to easily shave large wood chips for starting a fire
  • WATERPROOF - A reliable source of fire in even under the worst weather including rain, snow and humid conditions
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Perfect addition to your backpack, daypack, hiking gear, bug-out bag and in the glovebox of your vehicles
  • REUSABLE - Can be used countless times without any need to recharge or refill

We stand by all of our products with a no-hassle guarantee; if you're not satisfied for any reason we'll make it right. 

Technical Specs:

Weight: 6.1 oz.

Total Length: 6"

Exposed Ferro Length: 6"

Rod Diameter: 1/2"*

Rod Shape: Hex

Lanyard Type: Braided - Wrist Length

Lanyard Color" Grey

Striker Material: Hard Steel (U-Shaped)

Package Contents: (1) Ferro rod w/striker & wrist lanyard, (1) FireWick Torch

Part Number: CB-202023

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