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RS46 Mirrored Sighting Compass with Declination Adjustment, Clinometer & Map LED

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The RS46 full-size Sighting Mirror Compass includes all the features you would expect from a professional sighting compass and is perfect for serious users as well as those new to compass orienteering.  Hikers, backpackers, climbers, Boy Scouts and search-and-rescue personnel will find this to be loaded with professional navigation features.  The crystal clear mirror features an etched centerline, top targeting v-sight, and a small centered sighting hole that allows you to take precise navigational readings, and folds flat for protection. The luminous glow-in-the-dark bezel features 2-degree graduations and a top-side gear-driven declination adjustment so that you can precisely adjust for regional magnetic variations from true North using the included key/tool.  The liquid-filled dial features a quick-dampening needle with luminous points, an integrated inclinometer, map alignment lines, and a northern aligned boxed arrow for needle placement. The baseplate features an inch scale, cm/mm scale, magnifying lens, rubber feet, 1:2400 map scale, and a 1:5000 map scale.  The included neck lanyard allows you to keep it easily accessible and features a disconnect buckle so you can easily detach it for map work. To assist with low light or nighttime navigation, we've included a mini LED light with a clip so you can keep it attached to the lanyard or pack. A thorough and easy-to-follow guide is also included.

Please note that this unit is balanced for use in the Northern Hemisphere only (incl. North America).

  • ADJUSTABLE DECLINATION - Using the included key tool, you can easily adjust for the local variation between true North and magnetic North.
  • CLINOMETER - For measuring slop angle of  the terrain such as hillsides and mountains
  • MIRRORED - The reflective compass mirror can also serve as a flash signal mirror in an emergency situation.
  • MAP LIGHT - The included micro LED helps map reading in low light conditions and activates the luminous glow features on the compass 

We stand by all of our products with a no-hassle guarantee; if you're not satisfied for any reason we'll make it right. 

Technical Specs:

  • Weight:  3.0 oz | 85 g
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 4.25" x .68" | 6.5 x 11 x 2 cm
  • Resolution: 2˚in MILS
  • Map Scale: 1:2400, 1:5000
  • Adjustable Declination?: Yes
  • Phosphorescent Markings?: Yes
  • Clinometer?: Yes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Package Contents: (1) Compass, (1) Detachable neck lanyard, (1) Micro LED light, (1) Micro Adjustment tool, (1) Mini Screwdriver, (1) User guide.
  • Part Number: CB-202053

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